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Being a homeowner comes with an abundance of responsibility. You are now saddled with the upkeep of landscaping, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, interior design, and much more. One of the most critical responsibilities is the maintenance of your roof.

Likely, your roof isn’t the first thing you think about. However, a roof is your primary defence against unfavorable weather and should be treated as such. Whether it is rain, sleet, hail, or extreme heat, your roof is there to protect you from the forces of nature. Homeowners in Auburn face a unique set of environmental extremities that lead to common roofing problems. Here are three of the most prevalent ones:


Wear and Tear

Wear and tear can occur for any number of reasons. Maybe the homeowner has not been vigilant about maintenance and lets shingles curl or cup. Perhaps, they purchased lower grade materials, like asphalt shingles, which are more susceptible to deterioration.

No matter the cause, there are proactive steps you can take to minimize wear and tear. Basic steps include regular inspections, cleaning off the moss, and trimming overhanging branches. A more intensive option would be to upgrade the shingles to more durable material, such as metal, slate, or clay. If you’re looking to upgrade your roof, make sure to contact your expert roofing professionals in Auburn.


Clogged Gutters

If you notice water spilling over the walls of your gutters, you have a clog. Gutter clogs usually happen gradually as leaves, debris, and twigs collect in a single area. When water is allowed to pool like that, it can erode the material it touches, compromising the structure of the roof.

The most straightforward solution is to check and clean out your gutters regularly. Homeowners can also add different types of protectors to prevent unwanted accumulation. These can include shields that slide over the top, mesh screens, and foam filters that go inside the gutters.


Cracks and Holes

Even the smallest crack can have significant consequences for your roof. An empty nail hole or misplaced nail can leave an opening for rain or snow. Similarly, removing a satellite dish, rust, rot, and shoddy repairs can poke holes in a roof.

The key to eliminating holes is to find the source. Start by going into your attic with a flashlight and locating the leak. Follow the precipitation up to its highest points and note how far away it is from the gable peak. Transfer those measurements to the outside to locate the hole, and then patch it with sealant, roof tape, or a new shingle.


Final Thoughts

Making a concerted effort to invest in roof maintenance can have the longest lasting benefits for homeowners. That can mean purchasing high-quality materials, being proactive about repairs, and diligently replacing worn out shingles. As a result, homeowners will extend the life of their roof and boost curb appeal.

The best thing to do to deal with potential problems is to act now. Call Gutter & Roof Solutions in Auburn today.

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