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Why a Roof Inspection is a Good Idea When There are Signs of Algae or Mold

Algae and moss can wreak havoc on an older roof top.
‘Why would it be worse on a new roof vs an old roof?’, one might ask.

Well the answer is simple. Overtime, shingles on a roof began to experience weathering from the elements often accompanied by separation from the roof structure.

Overtime, the roof and under areas began to experience saturation. Along with a continuous supply of ideal temperatures and moisture elements (I.E. continuous amounts of rain, mist and fog, low temps) algae and moss start to grow within the gaps.

Algae and moss can essentially flourish without proper maintenance over the years and cause structural issues such as lifted shingles, separation of roof accoutrements, saturation below the roof line (decking and below insulation) even rot of the roof structure and don’t forget, leaks of course!

There are several solutions to preventing this sort of issue further down the line. Often in the type of roof that you choose moving forward.
At Gutter and Roof Solutions NW, we make this process easy for homeowners.

We can provide a long lasting, durable roof system solutions for your overall budget all while ensuring you get the most in quality for your buck.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had your roof looked at, and you suspect you might have an issue with algae or moss, give us a call!
We’d be glad to have one of our experts take a look and complete a free inspection as well as an estimate for what a new roof system might cost you.

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